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Win 2000 madness

By groveszinio ·
Have recently uninstalled and reinstalled TCP/IP Protocol on my laptop O/S Win2k. I can now only connect to my Home network via the hard wired port, and cannot web browse at all. My wireless cards Internal/external are communicating with my access point although they will not connect to my network or to the internet. I have tried to give them a fixed IP and also obtain an IP automatically to no avail.

I have also reinstalled IE6 and FireFox but this doesnt work either. Can someone please help me before i have no hair left at all.

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by yornthadude In reply to Win 2000 madness

in my experience win2000 kinda "sucks" for Wlanning.
It will only work if u got good software provided with your card. If u really want to have a smooth install and user experience u should install winXP with SP2 and only install the card driver ( no additional software ) this is done by going to your hardware devices screen and configure it manualy. Then let winXP search for WLAN and let it configure it. THIS ALWAYS WORKS !!! or u have to set a gateway to your most outter router's address.

CHEERS !!!!!!

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by ReWrite In reply to Win 2000 madness

Let's start with the basics. What network equipment are you using (brand/model)? What are the ip addresses being used/assaigned? How do you connect to the internet (dial-up/cable/dsl)? Can you connect directly to the connection device and access the internet?

Post back and we'll figure this out.



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by pierrejamme In reply to Win 2000 madness

Check out KB 817571 for directions on how to replace a corrupted winsock. If you get an error when you type inetcfg /renew at the command prompt or if you cannot ping anything you may have become corrupted.
good luck,

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