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Win 2000 Professional OS: Boot Error Loop

By rdixon ·
After deleting several old programs (using Add-Delete utility), my Windows 2000 Professional fails to complete either a warm or cold boot. After the Opening screen, I see an error message in a white box, orange border, that says, "Entering Sleep Mode." After a few moments, it cycles back to the Windows opening screen, then cycling back to the error box. I can enter "Safe Mode," but nothing looks amiss there, and attempts to switch promising settings do not solve the problem. I guess I deleted some critical "shared" subroutine? Any suggestions other than to do an OS reinstall?

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by Kiltie In reply to Win 2000 Professional OS: ...

"Entering Sleep Mode." is an informational message, not an error one, or it would have said.

Sounds like you have the computer set up to enter this sleep mode (maybe with the wrong parameters set).
I have a 2k Pro system but never met this, as I turn off all such things after install.

Anyone else got input here?

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same problems but no software removed

by Infosis In reply to First

I'm having the same problem on one of my machines, goes into sleep mode and can't boot. I have checked all the power settings and run all available anti-spware and anti-virus software so other suggestions will be greatly appreciated by two of us now!

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