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    Win 2000 server


    by makely67 ·

    Am using a pc installed with win 2000 as my server(it is not a real server) with clients of win 98 but my clients show me a log in error “there was no server to validate your password” but when i click ok, i can access the sever. After around 10-15 mins when the server has been running i can log on without any error, so what could be the cause of this error??

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      by rindi1 ·

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      Probably it just takes some time for all services on your server to start running.

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      by warwizard ·

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      Specifically, the DNS or WINS name resoloution is not resolving the server’s name into an IP address. And yes it can take a while for the “server” to activate these services on bootup.

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      by budthegrey ·

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      Does your “server” have a static IP address? If not, give it one. Then add it to the workstation’s HOSTS file. The Win98 hosts file is, IIRC, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\HOSTS. Add this: MyServerName

      Substituting the correct IP address and Server name, of course.

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      by blackcurrant ·

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      Sounds like a DNS problem. How are your clients getting their IP addresses – are they static or through DHCP? Also, as stated above, your ‘server’ must have a static IP address. This address must be listed in the DNS server search order in the TCP/IP properties of each client machine otherwise they will not be able to validate.

      Good luck

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