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    win 2000 Server and XP Pro clients


    by rodwambold ·

    The server is an IBM 8668 42x ? 232 x series.

    Saving to the servers RAID Array is sluggish and
    at times we are not allowed to delete or save
    files or folders on the server from a client
    machine. After opening and editing a file when
    saving/closing an error message appears stating
    that the file can not be saved because another
    program is using it.

    These problems started after client machines were
    upgraded from Windows 2000 to XP PRO.

    Current Server RAID Manager Version is 4.70.17.
    Controller Type = ServerRaid-4Mx BIOS, Firmware
    and Driver Ver. = 4.84.01

    The Server also has an EXAByte tape backup on it.
    It uses ARCserver 2000 addition. Version 7.0 [
    Build 1086]

    The question that I have is there a know issue
    with XP Pro clients writing to Win 2000 server or
    is it more likely the Raid Array where the
    problem is. Maybe updating the Bios device

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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