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Win 2000 server - CTRL ALT DEL doesnt work at LOGON

Win 2000 server - I have a problem when the server reboots the mouse works fine but the keyoard will not let me CTRL/ALT/DELETE to log on to the server any ideas or helpful hints as to the problem ??? thx

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More info

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to Win 2000 server - CTRL AL ...

1.Was it working before?
2.What have you changed since it was working?
3.Have you installed any updates, etc?
4.Anti virus up to date?
5.Can you boot into safe mode?
6.Installed any new drivers lately, if so disable them and try again
7.Can you RDP into the server?

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CTRL ALT DEL at logon not working

by PUTER GURU In reply to More info

Yes it was working in the past. The server froze today and it hasnt been rebooted in about 4 months. So I imagine it applied alot of MS updates that were downloaded and installed. Nothing was changed other then a reboot. Virus is up to date/ I havent tried to booe into safe mode yet. I can ping it, I can use MMC console to manage it from another cmputer, I just cant logon to it.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to CTRL ALT DEL at logon not ...

another keyboard. If its a Ps2 connector try a USB keyboard. Does Caps lock light up when you press it.

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by PUTER GURU In reply to Try

YES caps lock works, NUM lock works.... mouse works.

I need to get into safe mode but I dont have Win2000 CD - how else can I do that? THX!!

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by Jacky Howe In reply to yes

happens when you try another keyboard.

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by PUTER GURU In reply to What

I havent done that yet - I will have to do it off hours and plug in a USB keyboard. Although I think I had this problem a few years ago but cant rmemeber what caused it. The bad think is I cant shut it down safely - I'll have to use the power switch to turn the computer off.

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No you dont

by Jacky Howe In reply to havent

It can be shutdown from a workstation with RAS. Have you tried the different keys. You could just have a gummy one.

< could also be Virus Activity >

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by Grey Hat Geek In reply to CTRL ALT DEL at logon not ...

I bet it was one of the updates. What did the logs say? Try the safe mode boot.

If it has not been booted in 4 months and it froze, I would be checking the logs and uninstalling some of those updates.

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MS updates!!

by PUTER GURU In reply to Update

Why do they always sem to screw things up!! Whats the best way to get into safe mode ?? F8 I know but if keyboard wont work then what??? boot from CD??? This is the domain controller and Exchange server as well.

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What happened

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to MS updates!!

What happened when you plugged another good (known working) keyboard in (both usb and ps2)?

Is this server in a RAID configuration? I assume you have backups?

How about starting a RDP session and trying to get into safe mode that way?

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