Win 2000 Server Domain Controller Won't Resolve External Addresses

By drrtybyl ·
I have a Windows 2000 server set up as a domain controller with Active Directory running as well as DHCP and DNS server. The machine functioned without issues for several years until its primary raid array failed 4 months ago (bad disk), at which point it was rebuilt, put back into service and worked fine.

Detailed Configuration:
Windows 2k Server set up as an Active Directory domain controller connected to a 16-port switch that also connects directly to client servers and connects to a DSL modem

Last week the server stopped resolving all external DNS requests -- so accessing extranet DNS servers or the internet is not possible. This DC still assigns IP addresses to clients and internal domain resolution occurs without issue, but the internet cannot be accessed. The Forward Lookup Zone had been set up to use Root Hints for external IP resolution; however I've tried using forwarding zones connected to my ISP's DNS servers as well without success.

-Recursive DNS server test always fails, however Simple self-test works and recursion is not disabled anywhere
-No settings were changed prior to external DNS resolution failure
-Static IP Config:
def gateway:
sub mask:
-Server is set to use only itself @ for DNS resolution
-Dcdiag.exe returns an error regarding the system log, but no other issues
-DHCP and DNS services are started
-All hardware elements, such as the switch, NIC cables and DSL modem are verified working -- the
server connects to the web without issue with auto DHCP set
-All TCP, UDP, etc. entries appear in the DNS Forward Zone; a Reverse Zone exists too
-Able to ping the server IP, loopback and client IPs: Pathping shows traffic routing through the DNS server at
-Ping to default gateway ( times out -- as does Ping or Pathping to any external server
-Port 53 is verified open
-System log initially showed Event ID 13568 Source NtFrs at boot: however I edited to registry and fixed this -- error is now gone
-Reinstalling DNS server _did not_ help

I've done tons of researching on this site and others and am at my wits' end to get this thing running properly again. In the meantime I've enabled a small router to handle client DHCP/DNS requests. My hunch is that file system fragmentation is causing a communication error between DNS and AD. Right now I am leaning towards backing up my data, formatting, and reconfiguring with a newer Windows Server OS. Again, the config was working fine for a long time and to my knowledge, was not changed.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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ping to default gateway times out seems to me

by CG IT In reply to Win 2000 Server Domain Co ...

where the problem resides. Without access to the gateway, no traffic is going to leave the network.

So what's the default gateway? if it's a router, I'd start there.

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Default Gateway

by drrtybyl In reply to ping to default gateway t ...

That would be the DSL modem -- .. But what would suddenly break the working, pre-existing configuration with set as the gateway? Could something as simple as an IP change break it? Thanks

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by CG IT In reply to Default Gateway

if the gateway out was a different IP address that you are using now for the gateway.

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