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    Win 2000 SP4 Dynamic DNS update Problem


    by headbuttdkatt ·

    We have a single domain Win 2K AD setup and have been experiencing problems with Dynamic DNS updates after installing SP4 on our workstations and clients.

    On the server side: With our Domain Controllers at SP4. When we add a new DC to the domain (running SP4 before promotion) it does not update any of the service records and the DC cannot replicate with any of the other DCs in the domain. Our current servers are not affected as they were at SP3 when added to the Domain. If I take off SP4 then all the service records get updated and everything is fine.

    On the Workstation side: We are running DHCP and SP3 workstations will update the DNS when they change IP addresses, but any workstation on SP4 does not dynamically update the DNS records.

    All Servers are running Windows 2000 Server and all workstation are running Windows 2000 Professional. Is there an issue with Windows 2000 SP4? I cannot find anybody else on the Net that is reporting the same problem. Everything worked perfectly up until we deployed SP4.

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