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Win 2000 vrs. Win XP

By M Trump ·
Howdy all,
I'm getting ready to purchase quite a lot of PC machines for my school system and my thoughts are this: With the release of XP around the corner and the availablity of it being loaded on these new machines, should I trust it completely / enough to have it loaded instead of Win 2000? All new machines purchased this year have 2000 on them and I've had no problems but I've also been running XP with no problems as well on my personal work machine....I keep hearing these little side comments such as XP won't live up to it's promises, you have to register all software, media player wont handle blah blah blah. Any thoughts on this? Which do you think will be better for the system? Both OS are pretty much the same(not), can't go wrong either way? Why, why not?

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It all depends on you

by Zen37 In reply to Win 2000 vrs. Win XP

How comfortable are you at having downtime for things that don't work. No matter if XP turns out to be good or not, there is always a trial period with any OS where the kinks are worked out. How comfortable are you in dealing with this? How comfortable are your users in dealing with downtime?

If you really don't want any troubles, stick with 2000 as most kinks have been worked out already. But if you don't mind the impatient users complaining about downtime, you like a challenge, you don't mind making longer hours troubleshooting, then go XP.

Personally, I am sticking with 2000.

Good luck

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i think so too

by cul8rm8e In reply to Win 2000 vrs. Win XP

all i can say is,stay with what you know,my personal view as i would expect to hear from most is,win 2k is a sound and tested o/s,what would be the pro`s and con`s for your decision on this?, GUI,STABILITY,im just curious.

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