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    Win 2003 asking for authentication after user logged in


    by itsupport ·

    Hi. I am quite new to this. Since yesterday I am recieving errors on my Windows 2003 server. When a user logs into the server, it authenticates without any hassles, but as soon as the user tries to open a file or resource it asks for windows authentication again. Even if they type their username and password, it does not authenticate. I need to log in using “Administrator”.

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      by g.luis ·

      In reply to Win 2003 asking for authentication after user logged in

      I have a client who installed Windows 2003 on a Dell duel core processor. After SP1, it crashed our terminal server sessions. After SP2, other things crashed and caused us great pains. Since, we?ve turned off Automatic Updates until things can settle.

      In your case, you may want to research the MS web site regarding that issue. Try to see if a log entry was generated. You can go to and put in the information to search its database for solutions. This is a subscription site but you can view the responses for free, links require you to register.

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