Win 2003 Server Partition Size

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Okay, I am configuring a server (windows 2003 Server) for a growing companies branch office. The branch office will have 12-15 computers with a user per computer and 1 network shared printer

The server will perform as a domain controller, & file and print server all in one. Word documents will be the majority of files that will be shared and stored on the DC.

Here's my question, I'm planning to do RAID 1 mirror with 2 80gb SATA HDD'S (Hardware RAID). How much space should I set aside for the Windows 2003 boot partition. Whatever's left over will be used for log files and file storage for users.

Am I shooting myself in the foot with any or all parts of this config? Is the hard drive storage to small(appx. 3gb per user)?, Is there a better RAID config that's reasonable and is fault tolerant?

I still have time to change the config on the server because it hasn't shipped yet. So if anybody has anything useful, please share.


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Really easy to solve this problem

by longtail In reply to click here:
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Recommended Partition Size?

by info In reply to also here

I've already read the microsoft document about deploying windows 2003 server, it just says to use half of the drive. I think that's just for tutorial instructional purposes.

What I need is a real world recommendation on if this config is ample enough for the branch office install I explained. I know it's hard to recommend without knowing more, but this is what I can tell you in short.

Branch Office
Active Directory DC & File and print server in one box.
RAID 1 (Hardware) with two 80gb SATA HDD's
Microsoft word files will be the majority of storage on the server

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by CG IT In reply to Recommended Partition Siz ...

if you use RAID 1 Mirror with 2 80GB drives, the only thing you have to worry about is how many files you store on it. RAID 1 will Mirror the entire drive so you can't partition it. If you watn security plus partitioning, use RADI 5

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Domain Controller and File & Print Server

by info In reply to Mirror

So you're saying you can't partition a mirrored drive at all?

I'm wanting to use 1 server as a domain controller and File and print server. I want to be able to put user shared storage on a different drive then the operating system and active directory.

Am I going down the wrong path?

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partitioning mirrored drives

by brian.collis In reply to Domain Controller and Fil ...

Are you using hardware or software to acheive your mirror. If you are using hardware (preferred althought more expensive) then the OS only see the one drive as the RAID hardware takes care of the miroring functions. As this is the case, you can safely partition the drive. Have done this on many servers. In regard to the size of the boot/system partition, 10GB should be sutiable.
On this partition you are installing the OS + any programs which would include backup, UPS monitoring, virus + spyware scanners, and possiably MS Office.
Note that backup software logs and catalogs can take up a lot of space if you don't which it and purge them on a regular basis.

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you can partition a mirrored drive

by longtail In reply to Domain Controller and Fil ...

after the hardware RAID been configged, it will be detected as a physical hard disk, no matter you create RAID 0/1/5, so you need not to worry too much. I have posted another thread here, even if the partition needs to be changed, you can use the partitioning software to resize again, i used partition master to manage my partitions, very great. btw, if you need to enlarge the the partition later, you can achieve this without reboot the computer, very useful for a server to avoid downtime. someone has this requirement, see here

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amazing, thank you

by power zhu In reply to you can partition a mirro ...

Thanks, now I know I can resize the partition to solve this problem, but after searching, I purchased disk director and followed the tutorial my problem solved.

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resize when needed

by rance4work In reply to Win 2003 Server Partition ...

when your partition space is not enough, then resize it.

EASEUS partition manager server edition will help you to solve that problem

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