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    Win 2K/ Access/SQL data loss


    by jorozco ·

    Data loss (data that got corrupted and disappears (ms-sql:data type=image, ms-access: ole object) in the following scenario:
    ? Server: Windows NT4 with SP6a and SQL Server 7.0 (7.00.961)
    ? Client: Windows 2000 Pro with SP2 and Access 97
    The file C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\OLE DB\oledb32.dll has the following version number:
    ? Server: 2.10.4202.0
    ? Client: 2.52.6019.0
    There was a recommendation that we should have the same version of MDAC (2.5) in both, servers and clients.
    1. We should expect any problem installing MDAC 2.5 in the WinNT4 server?
    2. Do you have any recommendations?

    microsoft answer:
    The version of MDAC on the server should have no interaction with the version of MDAC on the client. The client connects directly to the server, not through MDAC on the server.
    There should be no problems installing MDAC 2.5 on the NT4 server, but that most likely will not solve their problem.

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      Win 2K/ Access/SQL data loss

      by jim.brown ·

      In reply to Win 2K/ Access/SQL data loss

      for your data loss I would reinstall MDAC on the clients, reapply the database connections

      MDAC 2.5:
      1.No, the install is seamless.

      2.I haven’t had any problems with 2.5, we use it with SQL 6.5/7.0/2000

      As for the Microsoft answer they areright about the client not using the servers MDAC. but if you have 2.5 on the clients you may as well have it as standard over the domain

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