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Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAID driver load

By wukoki ·
I lost my ability to get into Win2K. I have a dual boot setup, with Windows 98 on C (IDE disk) and Win 2K on my RAID. An onboard Highpoint controller runs the RAID setup on an Abit KX7 Raid Motherboard.

Right before I lost 'contact', I ran chkdsk /f on the Win2K boot drive (E). The chkdsk seemed to fail, rebooting midway, but I rebooted in OK and ran fine. The next time I re-booted, I was unable to get in. My blue screen read:

Stop 0x000000D1 (0x00000004, 0x000000010, 0x00000000, 0xEB432843)

Address EB43284 base at EB430000
Datestamp 3ba834fb - HPT3xxNT.sys.

Here is what I know from that, thanks to MS TechNet. The system attempted to access pageable memory using kernel process IRQL that wastoo high. Drivers that have used improper addresses typically cause this problem.

The 0x0 part (the third number string) says this was a read operation.

And as far as I can tell, this is a High Point driver. It doesn't seem to be supplied by the disk that comes with my motherboard, though. Perhaps it is a Service pack file? The RAID must be working as Windows 2K boots, or else how could it be loading drivers (from the RAID disk) before it blue screens?

But more importantly, how Ican I get to my files? I can use recovery console to see them. I even found the HPT3xxNT.sys file in system32\drivers. Renaming it won't work-that just blue screens with an "Inaccessible boot device". I tried replacing the file with one I found off the net (don?t try this at home!), and I get the same inaccessible device screen. I did rerun chkdsk /p from here to fix the drive.

Will I ever see my files again?? This sucks. I use RAID 0,1 just so I have automatic backup (I am using 4 disks), and now I have no way to get to the files (NTFS of course)!

PS I disabled all memory shadowing and caching just in case.

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Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAID driver load

by TheChas In reply to Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAI ...

You can recover and backup your data from W98.

There is a utility for W98 to access NTSF volumes available from System Internals

As to the High-Point controller, you can download drivers from either ABit or

One caveat for ALL on-board RAID controllers: Make sure that you get the correct version driver for the version of the controller BIOS on your board.
If you use an older or newer driver, you can have problems.
The controller BIOS can only be updated as part of a motherboard BIOS update, and the motherboard mfgs are usually 2 to 3 months behind the controller mfgs.


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Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAID driver load

by wukoki In reply to Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAI ...

The data recovery option is a good idea (assuming I can get Win98 to even see the RAID drives). Still, I'm hoping there is a way to restore Win2K. It is just one bad file (as far as I know).

As I mention in the question, Abit doesn't seem to bethe source of the sys file (and Highpoint just directs MB controller users to the motherboard maker's site). I got files that let me create a floppy that allow me to use recovery console (else the recovery console would never see the RAID files at all). But the files on the floppy are hpt3xx.*, not the requisite hpt3xxNT.sys that my Win 2K requires. Assuming that file is really the problem.

You are correct on the tip for controller version; yes, I made sure to get the correct files for thefloppy. As for a BIOS update, that might be the next thing to try. Who knows.

I'm new at this. I am choosing unacceptable to leave the question open. If no one else has other suggestions that get Win2K running, reply tomorrow afternoon and I'll let you have the points, with my thanks.

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Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAID driver load

by savatovic In reply to Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAI ...

Hi Wukoki,

I don't think that everything is lost. You may try with some more 'maneuvering'.

Let's first see what we have.

RAID 0 is striped volume which does not offer fault tolerance (i.e. loss of one physical disk).

RAID 1 is mirrored volume which does offer fault tolerance (i.e. loss of one physical drive).

Whichever configuration you have, be it or be it not fault tolerant, you MUST have backup.

Now, my approach would be:

1. Don't allow any writes to your RAID disks or RAID controller until you have a safe copy of your data.

2. I would copy data from the 'faulty' disks either to new disk(s) or over the network to some file server.

3. To copy data from the faulty disks, I would use one of the following tools:a) imaging tools like Symantec GHOST.
b) Windows PE (preinstall environment) from Microsoft. This is rather new and available only to OEM preinstallers and some corporate users, but it doesn't hurt to ask around if someone can help you. It is basically replacement for boot floppy (it is actually a boot CD) with only basic environment.

4. Having the data safely copied to alternative location, I would try to repair faulty configuration either by:

a) booting from Win2000 CD and choosing to repair the Windows 2000 configuration.

b) reinstalling Windows 2000 to the same location as original system.

c) If a and b fails, I would install Windows 2000 to either of alternative locations:
- the same system partition as the old Windowsbut in different directory,
- on different partition on the same disk,
- or on completely diferrent system disk.

d) The last thing I might try would be to upgrade Windows 98 to Windows 2000 Pro. I would then try to access my data from thenewly installed Win 2000 Pro.

Good luck.

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Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAID driver load

by wukoki In reply to Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAI ...

Another excellent answer. I don't know who you guys are, but I hope I never have to compete with you for a job! I agree, the data is secure as long as I don't mess with it. I hadn't thought of imaging it-I would have to network over to another computer with enough space but doable. I was planning to go for 4c, loading Win2K on another (in this case non-RAID) drive; that always worked in WinNT to save data after NTloader failed. No reason I can think of it wouldn't work. If it didn't, though, I might add that I don't see the Win98 upgrade option (4D) to be any more effective. If 4C didn't work then I would try the reinstall; I hate losing all my settings.

Of course, after all my file tweaking yesterday, and multiple blue screen failures, I booted into Win2K just fine this morning. I don't think it was anything I did. Go figure.

If anyone else has any suggestions, please e-mail me

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Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAID driver load

by wukoki In reply to Win 2K Blue Screens @ RAI ...

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