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Win 2k not seeing CD drives

By machina40 ·
I scanned the forums and found similar postings - but I am running 2k, and my drives aren't visible at all from Explorer. When I go to Add/Remove Hardware only one shows up and that is only after I check the "show hidden hardware" box. Otherwise, neither of them show up. When it does show up, it is grayed out. I have never seen anything grayed out.
When I look into the properties, it tells me that the drivers are all there and working properly, which is odd.

I tried to use my Emergency disk set to reinstall Win2k, but it failed because it couldn't find my CD drives.

I would really like any suggestions as I am running in circles back and forth with the drivers (which are all there) and Computer settings. Without the Cd drives, I can't really install any to help me fix things.
i have Norton running with auto update, Adaware, SPybot (which don't seem to do much at all) and Microsoft anti-spyware which catches at least three trojans a day. This is also why i want to clean install - to get rid of these trojans and popups.

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Try another power cable from PS

by ramonr In reply to Win 2k not seeing CD driv ...

If the drive isn?t properly recognized by the Bios then the operating system can?t communicate with any device that the Bios can configure.

Does this drive share the same cable with the master you're booting from? This still sounds to me to be an error in the way it's connected or configured. You've convinced me it's not a problem with either drive or the computer or software. There must be some tiny little detail you're missing that makes all the difference.

Maybe disconnect any CD Rom devices etc. so you have just these two drives, connect one to each IDE cable singly, jumper in master position on each. This method has to work. Then you can re-connect any CD rom (s) one at a time as slaves test each as you go.

Also, reset BIOS by taking battery out for 5 minutes.
If they are not being shown in the bios then the problem is most likely with the the power supply. How old is the system same with the drives did they come with the system or did you/someone install them later, and if so how old are the drives?

Also when you disconnected them did you unplug all the wires even the molex power plug?

You can also try to use another power plug to see if the problem is with the power supply. I have had a power supply have one or two power cables go bad for some reason.

Hope this helps let me know please.

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