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Win 2kPro Modem Error 747

By Josh1 ·
I am attempting to get a modem to work in one of our computers. The operating system is Win 2k Pro and the problem is the modem. Now in device manager, there are some resource conflicts. The IRQ, is #7 and its conflicting with the Winmodem. I cannot seem to manually change the resource settings in Windows. The error message that we get the number is dialed out, is error 747 could not open port. This is what I have done

1. I have deleted the modem and tried to reinstall it, still same thing
2. I have went into BIOS and checked to make sure that the IRQ?s and the Com ports are not conflicting.
3. I changed the modem so that it will use COM1
4. I did change the IRQ 7 in the BIOS so that it did not conflict with the modem or any device
5. I reserved a resource in Device Manager explicitly for the modem
6. I created a new COM port so that the modem could use it

Now I also notice that A Winmodem is also installed, when I would uninstall the US Robotics modem, when I get back to the desktop the add new hardware wizard will install the Winmodem, but it says to uninstall that modem the Winmodem because a modem is already installed. I do this and still; nothing. I deleted the Robotics modem and tried to use the Winmodem instead and still nothing. What do you think I need to do?

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by Josh1 In reply to Win 2kPro Modem Error 747

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by RCOM In reply to Win 2kPro Modem Error 747

By default IRQ 7 is reserved for the parallel or printer port so that's why there's a resource conflict.

Uninstall all modems and com ports from device manager.

Rebboot and run the system setup and change your BIOS back to the default settings for the parallel port then disable one or both of the COM(serial) ports. This will free up IRQs and I/O address to use.

When you reboot the computer and windows finds the modem click cancel. Then run the setup.exe software from the driver disk.

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by Josh1 In reply to

Hey Guys I will just put a modem that is on the 2K HCL thanks for the help.

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by ftonbonami In reply to Win 2kPro Modem Error 747

my suggestion to you is that you take your modem out completely ...make sure board does not have unboard modem. Reboot and let the os know that there is no modems at this point..go into your device or harware manager and make sure no modems is present..if so go to start and shut your computer down and then reinstall your modem and it should be recognize and then proceed to finish installation..this has worked for me numerous times..good luck with that..modems are fun

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by Josh1 In reply to Win 2kPro Modem Error 747

Okay I did what was both suggested; however when I get into windows the new hardware wizard comes up. So I hit cancel and then I get this error message, Rundll32.exe has crashed, and Windows is generating an error report. Then I hit okay then another error message comes up saying an exception occurred while trying to run newdev.dll, DevInstall ISAPNP\USR098\74660318

Nothing is conflicting with this modem in device manager, but the status of the modem is non functional.

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by Josh1 In reply to Win 2kPro Modem Error 747

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