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    Win 2kPro Question


    by rmathis ·

    Ok I’m at a dead loss here. I have an idea what I need to do but not in the position to do so heres the thing. We have 90% of our machine are XP and 10% are 2kPro. Every machine works when broswing in the Network Places execpt 1. We found the problem when sharing out a color printer on a remote location.

    All back admin shares are able to be accessed and all tools can be used. Only major problem is when trying to browse in My Network Places or Network Places you get a “This machine is not accessable” Or you do not have rights to this machine. I’m an admin on that box. There are no firewalls on or anything out of the norm. Any idea’s? All config says it should work perfect.

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      by rmathis ·

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      My Network Places

      by mjfera ·

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      I’m taking a wild guess here, but I once had similar issues due to NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Make sure NetBT is explicitly set to ON in the IP properties of that box.

      I think it’s in Advanced -> WINS

      Good luck.

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