Win 7 Beta Removal

By jwebfoot2togo ·
I have a Beta version of Win 7. Don't like it decided to go back to Vista (which I like) or even XP. But, I can't get Win 7 to go away. I even took the HDD out of the boot sequence (disabled it) and still Win 7 blows by the CD\DVD reader and boots the operating system. Does any body have any ideas. By the way it's on a Dell Latitude notebook so I'd rather not have to clear CMOS if some one has an easier fix.

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Check BIOS setup

by seanferd In reply to Win 7 Beta Removal

Make sure the machine is set to boot from the optical drive before the hard drive.

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He might also need to......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Check BIOS setup

edit/repair the Vista equivalent of the boot.ini file (whatever it's called) to remove reference to boot to 7. That is, if this was a dual boot setup. I presume it was, since he mentioned 7 being on another drive.

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If it's not a dual boot then its reinstall.

by CG IT In reply to He might also need to.... ...

Windows 7 installation notes warn users that they can not go back once it's installed.

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Reply from Poster

by jwebfoot2togo In reply to Check BIOS setup

If you had read properly I even went to the point of disabling the HDD in the BIOS boot.

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With Windows 7 you need to do a clean Install

by OH Smeg In reply to Win 7 Beta Removal

Of the OS. So you should use a Utility like Kill Disc to wipe the HDD

Then using your Recovery Disc install the OS you want installed.

You will need to enter the BIOS and set the Boot Order to Optical First and then the HDD.

You also should back up your data before starting this process as well.


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I agree with all points so far.

by seanferd In reply to Win 7 Beta Removal

Let's just hope the optical drive can be set to boot first.
Then bootmgr & BCD can be re-written, or the disk wiped and Vist reinstalled.

But why would Win7 cause the system to be unable to boot from CD? (If that is actually the case.)

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re: If that's the case......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I agree with all points s ...

Win7 does NOT prevent booting from CD. I boot to CD all the time with mine. So, there's something else wrong.

It could be (1) the BIOS aren't set correctly, (2) when the prompt says "press a key to boot from CD", they're not pressing the infamous 'any key', (3) the CD isn't bootable or is damaged, (4) the drive isn't jumpered correctly, (5) the drive -or- cable -or- controler is bad.

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Or Thumby

by OH Smeg In reply to re: If that's the case... ...

Maybe they are using one of those USB Keyboards that doesn't work till the OS is loaded.


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Oh yeah! Make that number 2 1/2 !!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Or Thumby

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

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Reply by Poster

by jwebfoot2togo In reply to I agree with all points s ...

That seems to be the major malfunction. What about 7 allows it to by pass the boot order even when the drive it is on is not even in the boot order?

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