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Win 7 cant log in to cached profile/account

By rsandberg76 ·
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Hello Everyone.

Im currently having a problem with a freshly installed laptop at our office, or rather outside our office. Its running Win 7 Pro. The problem is that the user can login to the computer without a problem at the office, using cable or wifi, once outside the office it gets the error "there are no logon servers available" and it fails to logon to the cached profile.

At first i didnt test this, i didnt turn off Wifi or unplug the network cable after i installed the computer for him, i just tought that it would work since i havent had this problem with other laptops on the site, so the user was rather pissed when he noticed that he couldnt log on to the computer when he was at home.

In order to solve the issue, i unjoined the computer from the domain, let it join a workgroup instead. I then renamed the computer and then let it join the AD domain again and it created a new workstation object.

I then restarted the computer 10 times, every other restart i logged in with network enabled, wifi and cable, and every other restart i logged in with the cached account with wifi disabled thru the physical wifi switch, and no network cable attached. And it worked without a problem.

So i tought i had fixed the problem by removing/unjoining the computer from the domain, and then rejoining the computer to the domain using a fresh new computer name and by that creating a new computer object in AD. Doing 10 restarts and doing 10 logins with and without network i was sure i had eliminated the problem.

But then i get a call from the User, telling me that it suddenly has stopped working again... From what i have seen on the internet is that theres plenty of people with the same problem out there, but no real solution to the problem. Atleast that works for me.

I have tried to increase the cached login count from 10 to 50 in the registry. I have unjoined the computer from the domain and let it rejoin (wich solved the problem temporarily). The end user logs into the right domain using domain\username.

I have no idea how to proceed, and the end user is getting irritated as ****.

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