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    win 7 cant see my network


    by samgreen ·

    Ok. I have a new workstation in the office. it’s an e-machine with win 7 64bit Home premium. new out of the box.
    For whatever reason it simply cannot see any of the other pc’s in the building, many of which are identical machines. The one im on now is and it has no problems in this area.
    I can ping other pc’s from it just fine(and ping to it). everything is enabled in the network center(discovery, sharing ect). It is on the same work group as the other pc’s
    The anti-virus isn’t blocking anything and no other settings have been changed. like i said it’s an out of the box (and updated) machine just like the other 8 we deployed in the past few weeks.
    It only see’s itself in the network screen.
    I have a dent in my desk from my head banging on it.

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      Question forum

      by gsg ·

      In reply to win 7 cant see my network

      Try reposting in the Questions forum. There are people that hang out there specifically to help with questions that don’t always visit the discussion forum.

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