Win 7 on Inspiron 9400

By cbader ·
Has anybody installed Windows 7 on to a Dell Inspiron 9400 yet? Any issues with drivers or software?

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by cbader In reply to Try the Upgrade advisor

I did, and it said my system will run Windows 7 based on my CPU and RAM, but it doesnt really touch on driver compatibility and what not.

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Windows 7 might provide the drivers ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to UpgradeAdvisor

I'm only guessing here (as everyone else is until we get our hands on the RTM) but when I installed the RC, it didn't ask for one single driver.

It already seemed to have them all. (Which it DID!)

I have upgraded the driver for my 8800GT since then, but only after prompted by Win7. Which is, in itself unusual, since most M$ prompts previously tended to end in disaster.

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I was hoping

by cbader In reply to Windows 7 might provide t ...

That what you said would be the case, but I didnt want to jump in to it blindly.

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I would think

by Jacky Howe In reply to Try the Upgrade advisor

that it would be the same as the Vista Upgrade advisor. When I ran the Vista Upgrade advisor on a Dell Precision 340 it suggested that I use XP drivers for the 3Com network card. I downloaded the drivers prior to the install. Installed Vista and offererd the drivers and it excepted them. If it didn't find any problems you should be good to go.

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by willcomp In reply to Win 7 on Inspiron 9400

Win 7 and Vista share drivers for the most part. Vista drivers are available on the Dell web site.

What do you mean by software issues?

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Re Drivers

by cbader In reply to Drivers

I kind of figured that would be the likely case so I downloaded the Vista drivers just to be sure. But when I tried to install i found my DVD was defective. Time to download a new ISO from MSDN.

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Dell Inspiron 9400 on Windows 7

by tuazi26 In reply to Win 7 on Inspiron 9400

You will need to to download Windows Vista Drivers for everything to work. Had to try a lot for Video and Audio to work. Now everything works perfectly.

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