Win 7's taskbar not working the way it should

By Kojaks43 ·
I recently deleted all partitions and formated my hard drive. I then reinstalled Win7. This time to just "C" drive.
Prior to reinstallation, the icons on the toolbar would present a thumbnail via Aero Peek. If I clicked on a particular thumbnail that application/window came to the "top".

With this reinstall the thumbnails appear, however when I click on them to bring them to the front, the previous window that had focus comes back. The only way I can get to the other programs is to minimize all programs, then hover over the taskbar icon, click the thumbnail and the program comes up.

I've reviewed the taskbar settings and nothing is checked that might prevent Aero Peek from functioning.

This is a ZT Computer running Win 7 64Bit. 1Tb HD with 6Gb of Ram. Athlon II X2 240 AM3 2.8GHz

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Ghost in the machine

by santeewelding In reply to Win 7's taskbar not worki ...

Has taken a dislike to you.

I will, however, be watching your travail. I've grown fond of how the aero thumbnails work. But, then, I haven't had to wipe it. Yet.

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It's working now

by Kojaks43 In reply to Win 7's taskbar not worki ...

I went to restore points and was going to select a date to restore to. However, I had suspended my off-site back-up while I was making updates to the computer.
But the Restore Point interface gave me a clue. I had added a wireless PCI adapter and used Logitech's Set-Point after I reinstalled the operating system.
I started by testing the Logitech SetPoint interface. It only showed the mouse, not the keyboard. I had set the keyboard so certain FN keys would also launch specific browser and mail server.
I deleted SetPoint, downloaded it again and reinstalled.
Everything is working! I'm a happy guy!

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