Win 8.1 Powers On from Shutdown when Laptop Lid Opened

By jdlunt191 ·
I have a Toshiba A215-S5825, which originally had Vista, but I swapped it out for Windows 8.1 Pro. No hardware changes have been made.

Anyway, I'll tell the computer to do a full shutdown, which it properly does (as far as I can tell). Then I will either close the lid mostly or all the way, so as to prevent my cats from pressing on the power button.

The problem I have is this: If I fully close the lid after shutdown, then open it; then the computer turns on. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but all I get after boot-up is the cursor on a black screen. Eventually, I have to force a power-off (power button for four seconds), then turn it back on; everything works fine after that.

So, I'm needing to do one of two things: prevent the laptop from turning on from shutdown without the power button, or get Windows to behave properly when it turns on like that. Problem is, I don't know how to go with either choice; which is why I need help.

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Power Setting

by dmiles In reply to Win 8.1 Powers On from Sh ...

Hoover in the right corner, when menu pop up click on search type in Power in the list, click on Change what power settings do, on this page at bottom Shutdown Settings, take the check mark out on Fast Start Up Time

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Thank You

by jdlunt191 In reply to Power Setting

I appreciate the time you took in helping me. Your solution worked. I'm not a fan of having laptops or desktops sleeping or hibernating, but that's what I had to do until now.

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