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    win 98 and lan


    by r_deer ·

    I recently bought a older computer for my kid. it had no operating sys and so I used an older win 98 disk and got that in for him. The problem now is that I can’t get it to go on the internet. It keeps telling me that no dialup connection bs. I changed the settings in control panel to lan but still can’t get it to work. Any sugestions please

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      by r_deer ·

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      What are you seeing?

      by tig2 ·

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      Without knowing what error message you are getting there is no way to tell what is happening in the box.

      Sorry. Wish I could give you better information.

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      NIC installed?

      by jdclyde ·

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      did you install the drivers for your NIC?

      is there a light on the NIC?

      can you ping ?

      is it plugged into a switch/hub/router?

      is it set for DHCP or did you give it a static IP?

      go in and setup a new connection, using lan (sounds like you already did, but try it again)

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