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By rebeccaherrick ·
Would love some help on this one. Have a laptop that just got wiped and 98 (first) reinstalled; the person want so be able to connect it to a LAN so I got a D-Link DFE 690TXD card. First time I put it in it recognized the card but did not have the driver. I downloaded the driver and all went well until 3ns before the install was complete, then froze. Restarted with card in, Bios froze with 'too many parameters' error. Removed card, it continued to load, added 'device=c: \windows\system\carddrv.exe /slot=2' to config.sys file, still froze. Still gives ?parameter? error in BIOS but now continues to load with out card in. Updated the iphlpapi.dll file, no change. Several programs are telling me the oleaut32.dll file needs to be updated, which of course the ?puter will not let me do no matter how many times I try. If I put the card in it automatically freezes, take it out and it continues doing whatever it was doing. The person swears it was connected to a LAN before. Would really appreciate some suggestions!

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First thing's first.

by Oz_Media In reply to WIN 98 FREEZES WHEN D-LIN ...

Update Win 98 completely. Go to the notebook manufacturer's website and download ALL drivers, BIOS, Sound, NIC Video everything.

THEN, install the card and make sure plug'n play options are compatible with Win98.

If you need more on going support, this site has a forum specifically for Technical Questions.
Tech Q&A:

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by rebeccaherrick In reply to First thing's first.

I tried to get it online, it installed and sees the modem fine. But, still will not display a page. tried to load people pc, went through the whole thing several times and it connects to download the rest of the software but will not do the final sign-on.
thought maybe it was because there was no prior connection set up (though was that was not a porablem on another laptop that was wiped). that connection did not help. I copied EVERY setting EXACTLY as it was on the other laptop because it also has 98 first on it and had worked fine, but this gateway is being very stubborn and still will not work. thanks for the help so far, but anything else I can try?

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Things to look at

by jdclyde In reply to WIN 98 FREEZES WHEN D-LIN ...

First, make sure that card is supported under Win98 First edition. Many NEED Second Edition.

The other thing I have seen with older laptops is you HAVE to put the card in AFTER it is completely booted up. Think it is a timing issue where it is trying to recognise the card before the slot is completely configured.

Completely remove the driver, and uninstall the card. Reboot. Load driver, insert card. (AFTER making sure it doesn't need Win98SE.)

Good luck!

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The best advice anyone can give you here

by Oz_Media In reply to WIN 98 FREEZES WHEN D-LIN ...

Sorry Rebecca, but again I have to suggest trying Technical Q&A. This is a discussion forum and has a completely different format.

TheChas would probably solve this there in a heartbeat, he's quite the hardware guru. You will need to offer some points for the right reply. You get some whensinging up for TR to begin with, you get 1000 when you close your question, but if you don't have any and need some points let me know.

Best of luck,and I'm sorry again but this really isn't the place to find technical help.

P.S. The link to Tech Q&A is in the upper navigation bar.

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