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Win '98 Install

By Shanghai Sam ·
I'm trying to install '98 on a formatted HDD.It gets to the Enumeration/Detection Phase and then reboots but when trying to continue to load windows, it freezes. I switch off for 10 secs then switch back on. It can load into safe mode fine but when I restart windows to normal mode,it comes up with the logo screen,works away for a few seconds,then flicks the floppy disk drive light on/off,work for a couple of seconds again and then just stops.

I have removed all hardware and have left mouse,keyboard,simple vga video card,

Any Ideas?

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Win '98 Install

by TheChas In reply to Win '98 Install

One or more of your remaining hardware devices has a problem.

You may need to start over again, because Windows is now looking for things that it cannot find.

Disable all motherboard periphials. Ports, USB, Audio.

Drop back to 1 DIMM of ram64M minimum.

If you have 512MB or more of RAM installed, that is your problem. Many systems choak on more than 511MB in 9X.

I have seen this problem with mis-matched DIMMs also.

Worst case, perform a basic install of 98 to your drive in another PC. Do not install any machine specific drivers.
Move the drive over to the problem PC.
When you boot, watch the driver install screens closely to find out which device the system locks up on.


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Win '98 Install

by wsroadrunner In reply to Win '98 Install

Hmmmm. Let's see. Are you using more than one stick of memory? If so, drop down to a single stick. You will find that if you have, say, 2 128MB SDRAM's in the machine that it will act up like this. EXACTLY like this. If you only have the one stick, try a different memory. You could be fighting a bad memory.

If that doesn't work, I would suggest checking your BIOS settings. Does everything look right? Check again. Even the slightest change out of whack could be the culprit. If need be, set back to the default settings. Remember, any time you change the BIOS you need to be able to bring it back.
Good luck.

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