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win 98 internet explorer and window explorer hangs

By ajeneds ·
I have windows 98se and my window explorer and IE6 internet explorer both hang. The window explore does nothing when you click on the icon and ie6 will go to the my chosen link and trys to load then window freezes and stops respondings.
I tried to run my computer in safe mode and the window explorer works just fine while ie6 will tried and load my links but page is not found because isp is not loaded in safe mode. So why do they work in safe mode but not anywhere else

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by H20TEC In reply to win 98 internet explorer ...

In safe mode only the bare minimum drivers and programs are running to help you trouble shoot the problem. First, press the windowss key and pause at the same time (you can do it now) and see if all of your drivers in the device manager look O.K. (no ? marks no ! points). If it looks O.K. Drill to START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS, SYSTEM INFORMATION, SYSTEM CONFIGURATION UTILITIES and look at the START UP tab. Uncheck ALL of the programs that you don't want running in the background.

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by H20TEC In reply to

After reading the answers to the other responses you have, I started thinking about a few things. How much RAM do you have and how big is your swap file? Hit your windows key with pause at the same time and select the performance tab. What ever your RAM size is, select the virtual memory button and press the selection for letting me select my own virtual memory settings and enter at least twice the amount of RAM that you have. You'll get a warning and select O.K. and reboot.
It's rather strange that you said you reintalled the OS and still have a problem which makes me believe it is hardware related, as long as it was a clean install, for example, slick the harddrive reinstall the OS software, add the updates, defrag and install remaining software, defrag set swap file etc.

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by ajeneds In reply to

I have 400 mb of RAM and my current window swap size is 800 mb.

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by ajeneds In reply to win 98 internet explorer ...

I checked all of my system information and it show no conflicts for any files, software or drivers or etc. I have tried to started win98se without any start-up programs and I still have the hanging window explorer and IE6 windows.
I do not have any issues with using my aol, netscape 7.1 or mozilla browsers only ie6.
I have re-installed and repaired it over and over and it has the same results.
While we are talking I can not use my control panel icon but i can run the all of the individual executable files which if the window came up it would hold. So what is the mystery. I ran virus checks,spyware,spy-bot,adware and any thing I could to fix this problme to no avial

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by mdjameer In reply to win 98 internet explorer ...

ie run in safe mode but not in normal mode as u say .that mean there is windows reg.problem.frist uninstall recentali installed program .then see if after that problem not solved then run regscan and restore registri which is old i am very confident about this stes u r problem will be solved .plse feed back me on

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by ajeneds In reply to

I did installed any programs. I was online a couple days and then my computer locked up and when I rebooted the ie6 and windows explorer did not work any more I been having problems ever since. I tried to repair internet explorer to no avial and there is not a way to unstall internet explorer I'm aware of.
I have reinstalled windows98se and all of my software but the problems persist.

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by pierrejamme In reply to win 98 internet explorer ...

Could be many issues, Potential problems and some fixes:

1. Bad or going bad CDROM

2. Try repairing Internet Explorer, Control Panel "Add Remove Programs", Microsoft Internet Explorer 6", then select repair ranther than delete.

3. Numerous malware programs running, download, update and the run AdAware and Spybot you can find both in a google Search.

4. Uncheck everything in Startup using MSconfig

5. Delete all your Windows\temp files you can and then empty Recycle Bin followed by a Scandisk and Defrag in Safemode with NO screensaver.

6. Run Scanreg/fix at Command Prompt, if this won't complete you definetly have malware.

7. Re-install Windows 98, preferrably on a formatted hard drive. (System.dat may be huge.)

8. Make sure you have a current Viruscanner running

9. Chek Windows Update for critical fixes, Microsoft has decided to extend W98 support again so you should still be able to access even though the January 16 deadline was today.

good luck,

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by ajeneds In reply to

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by D.H. Cesare In reply to win 98 internet explorer ...

I had similar problems when I had Netscape installed. Went through the hassle of REALLY cleaning Netscape off the machine and haven't had any more problems.

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