win 98 (non SE) usb drivers

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My wife has an old laptop running win 98 v1. I want to get files off of it but the USB drivers were apparently not installed by Compaq (the OEM). Does anyone know of a generic USB driver/bridge collection to work on Windows 98 (non SE version) so that I can access mass storage devices (flash card, external drive, etc)?

barring getting the USB to work, i'll begrudgingly load win 2000 or xp but I'd like to avoid that hassle.



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If HP doesn't have any USB Drivers on their web site

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to win 98 (non SE) usb drive ...

and the USB Devices don't have any USB Drivers you can always get a PCMCIA USB Card and use that after you install the Drivers for it. Should be much cheaper and faster than installing another OS.

You can also use a Live Linux like Knoppix which will give you access to the Windows Partition and USB Ports so you can copy off the HDD through the USB Ports as well.

Also before you do anything else go into BIOS and make sure that the USB Ports are actually Enabled as quite often with the old versions of Windows 98 these where disabled.

You can start here to look for Compaq Drivers



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USB driver generis for flash memory

by support In reply to win 98 (non SE) usb drive ...


Get the driver from

This will work with most of the Flash drives.


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Thank God! you're a lifesaver

by ron.totem In reply to USB driver generis for fl ...

Finally, a simple & true answer to a simple and relatively easy need.

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