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Win 98 OS

By 3825pbc ·
I recently replaced old video card and now wont boot up or wont even go into BIOS.

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by TheChas In reply to Win 98 OS

There are many possibilities.

The first thing you should check is if the new video card is supported by your motherboard. Many motherboards with 1X or 2X AGP slots will not work at all with an 8X AGP card.

Next, check that the video card is fully seated in the slot. I have had many AGP cards where the bracket held them up too high and the connector did not fully seat.

Then, check that you did not knock anything loose. It is easy to loosen memory or even dislodge a connector when changing video cards.

Finally, you did have the power supply switched off, right? On an ATX system, there is always some power on the motherboard. The only safe way to remove and install devices is to physically shut down the power supply. Or, pull the power cord.

If the power was still on, it is possible to damage either the motherboard or video card.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Win 98 OS

In addition to Chas's answer if you have an AMD M'Board it's possible that the Chip Set on the Video Card doesn't work with the M'Board Chip Set this is a quite common thing to see with both the ATI & Nvidia video cards. You'll need to check if there are any known issues with the Video Card and M'Board.

I've been caught by this more time that I care to think about and on most occasions the M'Board and Video Card are from the same maker so there is no guarantee that things will work just because the same company makes both items.


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by uppulurivasu In reply to Win 98 OS

These steps may resolve your problem:
1) Power down your machine and short the CMOS/BIOS jumper, it shall be in Red Colour near the BIOS Chip.
2) Clean the AGP card connector pins with an eraser and plug it in properly.
3) See if there is any possibility to switch from OnBoard AGP/PCI in BIOS, if so it has to be in PCI mode.
Bye and take care

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