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Win 98 se ram issues

By markhansen66 ·
I have some questions regarding W98se, but do not know where to send my queries.

I have W98se on my system which is pentium 450. I have plenty of hard disk space and 256MB Ram installed. I want to know if my system is utilising the 256 memory optimally. I have been told that W98se can max utilise 96 MB ram.

Under resource meter I can see that I have available: sys resources = 51% free, user resources = 51% free and GDI resources 79% free. This indication is when only desktop is active,and no programmes opened. These figures are close to the figures indicated when I only had 96 MB ram installed.

Is there a way whereby I can see how much memory each program visible in the taskbar (right hand side) ties up?
Is there a way of making W98se utilise the entire 256 MB of memory installed?

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