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    Win 98 SE Reload


    by softailct ·

    Purchased an MP3 player and it came with it’s own software. I’ve tried to install the software and open a can of worms. I’m currently running Win 98 SE. The software techs are telling me my system is unstable and I need to reload Windows. So how can I reload Windows 98 SE without having to reformat my hard drive and reload my entire system?

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      by pierrejamme ·

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      You can just re-run windows 98 setup.exe from the CD. However if it is unstable you are beter off booting to your “Startup Floppy” formatting and re-installing from scratch. Make sure you make backups to CDR, ZIP, 2nd hard drive or USB of Favorites, e-mail, data, special drivers, etc.

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      by cdsturbo ·

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      If you are trying to keep your files and are willing to redo the system, you can do a fresh install by running setup.exe on you Win98SE CD and using a different directory for your Windows. However, you will have to reinstall your programs as well but all your files will be intact.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      theoretically, you can do as you wish. see for ‘reinstall windows 98’. for many good articles including how to refresh windows without clobbering all your installed programs etc. but my 2 cents is you are asking wrong question. i have never had to reinstall windows to fix it. now that it is unsupported os maybe not true but betcha if you post errors we can fix.
      uninstall the mp3 software if you have not already done so. ask the techs for manual removal instructions if you can stomach calling them again. with the advice they’ve give you so far it is unlikely they have such instructions but maybe worth asking.
      start out by seeing if system is stable in safe mode. if not, think ‘hardware problem??’
      perform all windows updates
      perform spyware removal with tool of choice. mine is ad-aware personal se from
      if you do not have anti-virus protection, download and run stinger.exe from then get yourself some antivirus and confirm system is clean
      if still no joy after that, read up on how to restore win98 registry files at perhaps you will have a fairly recent registry backup that can bail you out of this. read many other troubleshooting articles there

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