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By sjones ·
My daughter installs downloaded files from internet and the my PC will take forever booting into windows 98. It say too many programs running to start or something like that.

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by Oz_Media In reply to WIN 98

Two solutions, firstly, use Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel to remove junk software.

Secondly, to see and edit the programs that run on START, click START>RUN and type msconfig into the OPEN dialog box and then hit enter.

Select the startup tab and scroll down the list, the prgrams will show an acronym of the file being loaded along with the path to the files to run. Uncheck the checkboxes for everything you do not NEED started automatically on load.

Reboot and see how it goes, if you make a mistake and uncheck a program needed to start Windows, just press F8 when botting to enter SAFE mode, from safe mode, you can then go to msconfig again and recheck the boxes needed.

On top of ALL this, any FREE software comes bundled with spyware, malware, and advertising that will pop up randomly.

You can download ADAWARE for free at that will scan and remove all the junk picked up when surfing and installing so called free software.

A good rule of thumb is just not installing free downloaded software, you always get more than you wanted to run. The program is free but usiually comes bundled with other software that helps pay for the stuff you wanted. For example, Gator will install with a lot of free programs, GATOR is a horror show for ads and spying on your surfing habits but they pay the original vendor to distribute Gator with the product and then the free software gets paid for.

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by LMon In reply to WIN 98

Run MSCONFIG go to start-up and uncheck the stuff you know you dont use be casreful some of the items running are used by windows. Then run add/remove programs. I would also d/l spybot search and destroy and check for any adware that may have installed accidentally in your pc and remove them

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by fred07 In reply to WIN 98


Actually you can uncheck all boxes in startup and you still should run.

all programs are in the program files


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by Q2Ggirl In reply to WIN 98

In addiont to the previous suggestions, you can also keep her from downloading things from the internet by doing the following:

From Interenet Explorer, go to Tools\Interent Options\Security\Custom Level\Downloads - select disable downloads.

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by BorgInva In reply to WIN 98

I agree with all, especially UNINSTALLING everything and anything that should not be on that machine (Kazaa, Gator, any types of Tool Bar Search things like My Hotbar or My Searchbar, etc).

And make sure you do uncheck unneeded entries in MSCONFIG (open RUN box and type MSCONFIG [ENTER]).

As for cleaning up spyware that is slowing your machine, Adaware is a good one. I also use a few others:
Ad-aware 6 (FREE)
Spysweeper (not free)
Spybot Search and Destroy 1.2 (FREE and one of my favs, brings up detail info on any spyware or junk it finds so you can read up on it before removing it).

Also, with using MSCONFIG, here is another FREE startup program:
Startup Control Panel 2.8
Gives a bit more info like path names than MSCONFIG does.

From the same site, this little program runs in the background and alerts you of a program that wants to start up with your PC. Do you want to allow it or not? Your choice:
Startup Monitor 1.02

Want some FREE (but not good as Norton is but still better than nothing) Anti virus:
AVG6 FREE edition (always updating it too)

Karen Kenworthy from Windows Mag has a lot of great FREE stuff that can also help:

Most of the stuff above is all FREE except Spysweeper.

Hope this helps you too.

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by MathTutor2004 In reply to WIN 98

You can also edit some of the security and advanced internet properties (on internet explorer--Tools > Internet Options... and go to the security/advanced tabs and from there you can control certain security features.
On mine, my brother wouldn't stop downloading stupid stuff, so I went into my Internet options and disabled internet downloading.

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