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Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

By garyh14943 ·
I am working in Win 98SE machine that reboots on its own repeatedly. It will first run the Window 98 screen, then scandisk and screen goes blank for a minute and then goes back the Windows 98 screen and repeats. Ran Fdisk to remove all partitions. Ran Format on HD. Installed Windows 98SE and some results. Runs in safe mode. Ran scandisk (thorough) and no problems. Defragged the HD. Ran chkdsk in the command line. Ran sfc and found setup file was corrupted and was fixed. Runs in safe mode. Hardware: 733 mhz (not sure if celeron or pentium). 128MB RAM. One CD-ROM, One CR-W. Maker: Micron-pc

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New Hardware?

by c.barnhorst In reply to Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

I had the same result when I attempted to add a USB 2.0 PCI card to a legacy computer running Win98 SE. It wasn't the drivers, when I took the card back out it stopped. Have you looked into the BIOS? Is an update possible? It sounds like a pieceof hardware is sending a reset. This is speculative, of course. Perhaps removing add in cards one at a time might reveal that a card has gone south.

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New Hardware?

by c.barnhorst In reply to Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

I forgot to subscribe before my first response. Sorry. I had the same problem when I put a USB 2.0 PCI card in my old machine. It restarted when it reached the point where Win98 is ready to announce new hardware found and searching for software for the new hardware. The drivers were already installed, so it wasn't the software. If the card was installed it restarted over and over. Once I took the card out it stopped. Have you recently installed a new card, new memory, or noticed a changein behavior in a card just prior to this problem starting? What motherboard are you using? Is a bios update a possibility? It sounds to me like it is faulty or incompatible hardware activating the reset line to the processor.

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by rogeryounce1 In reply to Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

One possible cause is the power supply may not be providing enough power to your system. You may want to try another power supply.

Roger Younce
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More Info Please

by mroddy In reply to Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

The standard question? What has changed? Did this problem "just appear" or did it ocur after some hardware or software change.

C.Barnhorst in his post notes similar problem with PCI card installation.

The fact that you were able to format, re-install, and run Win in Safe Mode would initally seem to rule out the power supply as a culprit.

Have you tried msconfig, and systematically disabling startup software and services?

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by djent In reply to Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

A miriad of posibilities. What changed from the last time it booted completely? Hardware, software, drivers, patches? If no changes try the drive in another machine in safe mode, if that works start looking for hardware problems. Memory, PS, drive cables. Remove every thing but the video card, add cards till failure, is that a bad card or weak power source.

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check device drivers

by dreve In reply to Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

Your experience is revealing one of the annoyances of windows running faulty device drives. in most cases I found that the video driver is not correct or when it initialyzes the videocard the card colapses in a blue screen if not it reboots the system. That goes for faulty audio or networkdrivers as well. Cause your system to boot in protected mode, change the video driver in standard vga and try to re-discover the exact name and type videocard, download the windows registred drivers and install. If the system doesn't boot properly, try another video-card.

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Coling Fans

by omie301 In reply to Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

Check the CPU fans as well as the power suppy .Make sure they are running.

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by marron In reply to Win 98SE Boots Repeatedly

check with intel. I had a mate recently had the same trouble with a 733MHZ intel CPU and they agreed that the cpu was faulty and gave him a warranty replacement. If you can't find anything on their website try calling tech support. Intel gives a 3 year limited warranty on their CPUs. so you shaould be able to get a replacement from them

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