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Win and Mac sharing publishing files

By dckane ·
We are primarily a Windows shop. We have a few people who create desktop publishing files (usually in Quark or Pagemaker) from within the Windows environment, then send the files to an external printer for publication. Invariably, the printer uses Macs. Almost all the time, the printer complains that there is something wrong with the Windows-based files (graphics don't come across, font problems, etc.) requiring them to recreate the same files on the Mac prior to publication. The suggested solution from the printer is to setup our internal staff people with Macs so the files can transfer seamlessly. This suggestion has come from more than one printer. I'm not against that as an option, but I'd like to determine less drastic measures first. ("Drastic" only in the sense that adding more Macs requires more Mac-aware support staff).

I'm looking for best practices in the publishing world. We can't be the only people that create files on a PC, then send them to a Mac-based printer. Is it normal to have so many problems sending files from Windows to Mac? Are there solutions out there where the files could be converted (almost) seamlessly? If so, do they really work? How much should I expect the printing companies to change their environment to accomodate us, the customer?


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PC Vs Mac Printing

by El_Gazz?t? In reply to Win and Mac sharing publi ...

Hi there...

The answer to your question is unfortunately, No.

This is due to the compatibility issues between the programs used. Quark on the PC stores its files in a different format than that of Quark for the Mac. The same goes for Illustrator and Pagemaker.

So far, there is no converter that I am aware of that does the conversion between the programs, unless the latest version of "Maclink Plus Translators" has come out with them recently.

The easiest way for you in this situation is to try and find a printing house that does it's graphics with PCs, as there must be some out there by now.

If that fails, get a Mac. B-)

??? Hasta Lasag?e !!!


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That's what I figured

by dckane In reply to PC Vs Mac Printing

I was afraid that was the answer. At least it helps me work towards a strategy going forward. Thanks for your input!


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