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    win explorer opens auto when logging in


    by hurst ·

    after installing hp 7650 scanner I end up with a window popping up every time I log into windows. It is just a win explorer window that displays the folder c:\program files\hp\. All I do is close the window and go on. I did not use the CD that came with it initially. I downloaded the “corporate drivers” from HP’s site. This made the scanner work but did not have all the extras with it. I then downloaded and installed the Image Zone software that fives you full functionality. Upon rebooting and logging in window started appearing. After numerous uninstalls, deletions and registry removals I found the CD that came with it. I used it but am still getting the window opening upon logging in. Any ideas???

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      It very much sounds as if the install wasn’t finished and that a shortcut has been created most likely either for a Help Window or a Product Registration.

      If everything is working properly you should be able to remove this from the system but first make sure that there is nothing in the Startup Box for this if there is remove it and that will cure your problem failing that you need to run the MMC from the start box and remove the item from the system there.


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