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Win ME Freeze After BIOS

By mdwcomputers ·
I have an old Toshiba Tecra laptop. It has a 266mhz processor and 128 megs of RAM. I had this laptop tweaked out and it was not giving me any problems, it even booted up with 99% free system resources (a miracle for Win ME). But now I cannot get past the Windows ME splash screen. I boot through the Toshiba BIOS and it just sits on the splash screen for ME. I ran scandisk using a win98 boot disk and was able to correct a few problems. The problems all involved directory sizes being reported incorrectly. However, it still will not boot. I went into DOS and was able to extract the files I desperately needed. I was also able to delete quite a few directories that I did not need. It still will not boot. I have come to the conclusion that I have corrupted FAT tables. Does anyone agree or disagree? If it is the FAT tables, does anyone know what to do to resolve the issue? If it's not the FAT tables what could it be? I have a friend who has WIN 98 on a laptop doing the exact same thing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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by carlos.nino In reply to Win ME Freeze After BIOS

It could be corrupted FAT tables, though if so, Scandisk usually freezes when run. If you recovered your files, why not format and start from zero?.

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by csmith In reply to Win ME Freeze After BIOS

Unfortunately, the symptoms you describe are usually the first symptoms of hard drive failure.
First: Recover/Backup all of the files you need.
Second: Run an Antivirus program from a boot disk.
(This is a precaution, and most of the time will show nothing, but will save a lot of wasted work if there is a virus.)
Third: Boot from your floppy and reload WinME.
DO NOT: Delete, Reformat, or Repartition the Hard Disk.
You will loose all of your updates, tweaks etc.
Fourth: When running properly, back up again.
You are probably going to loose the hard disk in the future.
Regards, Chris

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