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one of my WIN NT 4 Servers, I installed WIN NT4 several time, it works properly one or two days, then after it crash or not booted .. i.e. after blue screen server restart again n again. then i re-install Win NT 4. but after one day or two it occure again. No errore massage displayed. may any one suggest me, why this problem occured? All hardware in my server is in working condition.

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to WIN NT 4 CRASH

Have you installed the latest Service Pack and applied all the patches. If the server is connected to Internet without the Service Pack and Patches applied this is bound to happen. Please give more details. You can check in the event viewer.
In any case why you are still using Windows NT in this age of Winodws 2000/2003 Servers. Windows NT is no longer supported by Microsoft and hence no further Service Packs or Patches are released even if there vulnerabilities discovered. Hence your Server is vulnerable to attacks if you install Windows NT.
Best of Luck.

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by gwaltman In reply to WIN NT 4 CRASH

Check your event logs for specific errors. Also, make sure that you have the latest service packs and security updates installed. It's probably a hardware problem our your getting hit with a virus before you get the service packs and security updates installed. Makes sure all hardware is on the HCL.

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by CharleyM In reply to WIN NT 4 CRASH

When you install NT have the event logs saved, or copied continuously to a different than default directory. Then after it crashes again, try doing a repair installation so you have a chance to get the logs with possibly failing event errors.

I would seriously look at upgrading to win2k or 2003 server. NT just did not provide enough protection. The likelyhood of a virus killing you is very high as I doubt you've got an AV product that is both current on protection and goes that far back for operation.

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