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Win Rename files by Schultz... Generics

By john_mattson ·
Rename Files utility Greg Shultz, is great...
but it still doesn't solve a problem I have. I have a directory with the following members...
File 01 of 08 xxx.txt
File 01 of 16 yyy.txt
File 01 of 23 zzz.txt
File 02 of 08 xxx.txt
File 02 of 16 yyy.txt
File 02 of 23 zzz.txt
File 03 of 08 xxx.txt
File 03 of 23 zzz.txt
I have a vendor who uses this format and refuses to change.
I want them to eventually be named...
xxx 01.txt
xxx 02.txt
xxx 03.txt
yyy 01.txt
yyy 02.txt
zzz 01.txt
zzz 02.txt
zzz 03.txt
So that they be in natural sorted order in Windows Explorer.
Basically what should be the LOW level qualifier 01 02 03, needs to be moved to the proper location, to the RIGHT side of the HIGH level qualifier.
FROM: File ## of 08 xxx
TO: File of 08 xxx ##
I don't write VB, or I would try it myself. All that is really needed is to move Chars 6 & 7 (counting blanks) to right before the ".txt". Once this is done, I can use Schultz's Win Rename to get to their final name.

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