Win SRV2003 Practice Guide on VMWARE Server

By Dolphin111 ·
Hello everyone,

I was told by the company management, that i will be replacing one of our Network Admin who resigned, and as such i should start preparing myself to work on Win server 2003 environment.
I did a course on win srv 2003 sometime back and never realy put it into practice and i forgot must of the things i learned since the course was more theory than practice.

A friend suggested i should use VMWARE server to get my hands on practice. I downloaded and installed vmware server, i also installed win xp pro, but i am bit reluctant installing win srv2003 due to the fact that there my be some issues i should consider before proceeding with the installation.

What i need to accomplish is: Install and configure win srv2003 as if it is in a company environment, install and configure AD, DNS, IIS, DHCP, Exchange server and what ever is necessary anyone can please suggest me what to include as well.

I am doing all this on my Laptop, is it possibel to run all the necessary servers and clients on this virtaul software in just one laptop as if it was in a corporate environment? If anyone as a guide on this please help.

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This all depends on how powerful your NB is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Win SRV2003 Practice Guid ...

While not something I would be trying on any Note Book it is possible but I really would not suggest in a Virtual Environment as that has less hardware Resources available to it than the NB itself.

For full description read this Tech Net Article on 2003.

You should also keep an Eye on Licensing as well just in case you get caught with a Unlicensed Copy of Windows. :0


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NB Specs

by Dolphin111 In reply to This all depends on how p ...

My laptop is a HP Pavillion DV 3000 Entertainment PC, I had a look the site u posted, on Technet some links no longer exist but thanks for the help, anymore help is realy appreciated.


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And you have what

by seanferd In reply to NB Specs

as a native OS? I hope you have a powerful processor and boatloads of RAM.

Not sure how you are going to simulate an entire network environment this way - that will be the hard bit.

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I Have

by Dolphin111 In reply to And you have what

Win 7 Ultimate, but i can downgrade it to XP or Win SRV2003 SP2.
Vmware server or Workstation.
NB Specs
3GB RAM Physical
Virtual Memory 5.99GB
Nvidia Geforce 9300M GS
HDD 200GB.
I thought the VMWare virtual software does the entire network environment simulation.

What do u recomend?

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I personally would be loading 2003 and not bothering with the Virtual

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I Have

But as said above Simulating the Network is going to be the hard part.

VM Ware is only to Vitalize the Server or whatever OS you load it creates a Virtual OS not a Virtual Network.


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