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    WIN XP


    by isalka ·

    I installed WIN XP Professional on old PC and I activated.Lately I decided to buy it and have a PIV lap .
    How can I install the same WIN software on the new PC.since it was activated.

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      WIN XP

      by dave.osborne ·

      In reply to WIN XP

      Doesn’t look like you can …

      “How many installations can be made with one product license? Has this changed with the introduction of Product Activation?
      The underlying principles of Microsoft’s software licenses have not changed. Microsoft’s End User License Agreements (EULAs) have always stipulated the number of PCs that software can be installed on. Product Activation does not change that. Office XP may be installed on one PC. The primary user of Office may also install one copy on a laptop computer for their exclusive use. To install Office XP on more than these two devices, another license of the product must be acquired. Licenses for Office XP acquired preinstalled on a new PC are single-PC licenses that cannot be transferred or installed a second time on another PC or laptop computer. Windows XP may be installed on one PC. There are no secondary use rights (e.g. no “laptop clause”) in the Windows XP EULA. The aforementioned licensing terms have not been changed due to Product Activation. Some special licensing programs (such as the Microsoft Developer Network) provide additional licensing terms. Please check your specific license agreement or EULA for specifics. Re-installation and re-activation on the same PC can be done an unlimited number of times. Pricing and licensing details are available for Windows XP and Office XP.”

      Found at


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      WIN XP

      by alpha-male ·

      In reply to WIN XP

      All you can legally do is uninstall it from the PC, then install it on the laptop. Then call MS to re-activate it.

      One ray of hope though (if you want to use it on both machines):

      MS allows you to purchase “Additional licenses” at a discount. You can buy up to 4. Take a look here for details:

      delete any spaces in the URL and click on the “Save up to 15%…”

      Good luck, hope this helps!

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      WIN XP

      by cg it ·

      In reply to WIN XP

      you can, but you probably will have to call Microsoft explain you’ve purchased a new computer. They will give you a new product key right over the phone. I’ve done this on my computer where I upgraded the processor, mainboard and graphics card.

      Install XP on the computer you want to. Once it’s installed, the activate product notice will popup or will be on the task bar. Start the activate product wizard. Once you get to the activate over the internet XP will either activate or tell you you need a new key. If you need a key, just call the toll free # they list. They will give you a key right there that you type in and activate the product.

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      WIN XP

      by thechas ·

      In reply to WIN XP

      I assume that the laptop came with XP home installed.

      First, check with the manufacture, they may offer an OEM XP Pro upgrade.

      I would purchase an OEM version of XP Pro, and install it as an upgrade on the laptop.

      The OEM version usually can be found for around $140 US.
      You will need to buy some hardware along with it. The minimum hardware purchase varies from seller to seller, but often is as little as a mouse pad.


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