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Win XP-allow user to install Flash Drive

By k_gibel ·
I administer a School District w/ WinXP sp2 PC's. I have been asked to allow students to use USB Flash drives instead of floppies to transfer files to and from their Novell accounts. The students sign on with user priveleges. I have enabled the load/unload driver local group policy for the user but still asks for admin account. Our W2K PC's allow the install out of the box. Is there a way for WinXP??

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by mrjay67 In reply to Win XP-allow user to inst ...

I have encountered so many issues with different software not working just right without admin privs i have set everyone in our enviro. with local admin. I have in turn put restrictions on different groups using the group polocies through ZenWorks. This way they have elevated privs when neccessary but are generally locked down or locked out of things through group polocies restrictions or occasional reg hacks.

This may not be the best way but it works for us so far. There may be a policy or reg hack that allows to install drivers as admin at all times but I havent looked at that yet. I seem to rem. that there is something similar for software, where you can force installs as admin.



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by Lymon1 In reply to Win XP-allow user to inst ...

Is the uPnP host and SSDP enabled in the network configuration? If not the network will not locate
uPnP devices on the network.

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by Blue screen In reply to Win XP-allow user to inst ...

Login with local administrator and make those users a member of the power users group.

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Found A solution

by sanjays In reply to Win XP-allow user to inst ...
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What if that coolsolutions doesn't work

by dorrism In reply to Found A solution

I tried the coolsolutions tool and it still prompts for admin. Is there any other fix. I'm at my whits end with this. They have to be limited users.

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Same Problem

by chrismorris In reply to What if that coolsolution ...

I have the same problem. I have several labs, but the ones that boggle my mind the most are the two labs that have Dell SX280s with the same image on them. One lab works fine, the other lab wont allow users to use the USB drives, once you run through the install once its fine, but if it is a new USB drive it wants to have admin rights, then it asks to go out to windows update and it has to install the USBSTOR and mass storage driver... I just cannot get this to work. I have tried the reg hacks, the coolsolutions thing, the drive manager, changing permissions on the USBSTOR.sys, allow all users to install and update drivers.. I am lost. Can anyone answer this??

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I'm having same issue, no help with Novell solution

by joshua In reply to Same Problem

I'm running into the same problem on my network. I cannot enable local admin privileges by any stretch of the imagination! So I'm stuck trying to determine an alternate method.

I've been looking through the following link, but I haven't fully tested this method yet. However, it may be worth a shot.

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Same problem - power users can't install flash drives

by zimmekar In reply to Same Problem

Joshua, Chris, dorrism, mrjay,
We're having the same problem. Local admins (created using Dynamic Local User with Zenworks) can install flash drives. Students (power users created using DLU) can not.

Have any of you figured out a fix? We would be extremely interested in a solution.

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Try This.

by Chris910 In reply to Win XP-allow user to inst ...

If I remember this right: It should allow anyone who logs in from the keyboard (interactive user)to load a thumb drive.

Run secpol.msc
Security Settings
Security Options

Devices: Allowed to format and eject removable media == Administrators and interactive users

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