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Win XP and Norton Antivirus 2002 hangs

By leonard.sager ·
Recently removed my antique motherboard (PII-233 running Win9 and replaced it with just an "old" motherboard (Duron 800MHZ running Win XP). Used old drive "as is" as slave drive, and installed new master drive with fresh copy of Win XP. SP2 installed. Machine runs fine---except using Norton AntiVirus 2002, machine will randomly freeze when doing a full scan. Not on any particular file. Just random. Have to do a hardware reset of machine. ALT/CTL/DEL does nothing. Completely frozen. Worked fine with Win98 and with other XP machines. What do I do?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Win XP and Norton Antivir ...

Uninstall and re-install the Norton's software would be my first ercommendation.

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by leonard.sager In reply to Win XP and Norton Antivir ...

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and that didn't help. Any other suggestions?

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by ctrservices In reply to Win XP and Norton Antivir ...

Norton no longer provides updates for this product according to

Do yourself a favor and completely uninstall anything Norton (including files in C and C:\ProgramFiles and Registry after doing the Add/Remove programs routine).

Then, if you don't want to pay anymore money, try the free version of AVG from

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Win XP and Norton Antivir ...

Well firstly Nortone 2002 and XP SP@ work fine together so you have a hardware problem somewhere. As you didn't mention how much RAM you are using I would at first tend to think of it as a lack of memory problem where you are running out of available RAM.

But just to make sure download the Ultimate Boot CD and run a full set of diagnostics to make sure that there isn't any other hardware problem it's available for download at


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by leonard.sager In reply to Win XP and Norton Antivir ...

A few other comments. First of all, NAV 2002 works fine on all my other systems, some very old, some very new, all the way from WIN98 to the latest XP. My ISP provides McAfee for free, so I tried that, and that scan made machine hang also. RAM is not a problem-I have 256M. Since I'm early on, I wiped the disk clean again and reinstalled windows XP but didn't put in any of the updates (no SP,etc). I installed NAV 2002, and it scanned OK. Then I added only 3 things----Office 2000, Winzip, and AIM. Scanned again, and it hung. I'm thinking that AIM is the culprit, because I've had issues with certain versions of AIM in the past. I unistatlled AIM and am scanning again. Since I only have a few apps on thee, I can back them off one by one. Any further thoughts?

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