Win XP boot fails with black screen

By lorddragon173 ·
I was trying to reinstal my win XP and had to chance the boot order to prefer cd over hardware, but I acidentally changed it to try boot them at the same time and now when I try powering on my pc, the screen stays black and pc just wont run anything, just shows the FF message on the motherboard wich means its trying to start but nothing will happen. I can't even get to the CMOS settings and I've tried to reset the ccmos with the jumper and by removing the battery but nothing has helped.

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You can do that?

by seanferd In reply to Win XP boot fails with bl ...

Tell the CD/DVD and HDD to boot at the same time?

Make and model information for the motherboard might help here. What is the FF message? Any error message? Any extra beeps?
Are you sure the key on the keyboard that you press to enter setup is working?

Any hardware changes before this happened? Why were you re-installing XP? Problems, or just wanted a clean install?

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by lorddragon173 In reply to You can do that?

I have IP35 Pro motherboard.

The FF is a POST(Power On Self Test) message which shows on an LED display on the MB. FF means that the MB is trying to boot. Before FF i get 7F whits purpose I don't know but it goes off when I press F1, then it gives some random numbers and finally FF.

I had no problems with XP before but I wanted clean install because I wanted to get rid of all the programs, I've reinstalled XP before and had no problems before this.

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Well if it is just the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to re:

Clearing it though either the Jumper or Removing the battery should clear any changes you have made. Are you sure that you have returned the Jumper to the Run Position on the CMOS Clear Header?

If you are not sure you can download a copy of the M'Board Users manual from here

And replace the Jumper to the correct location.

If that isn't the problem it sounds like a Hardware issue so have you reseated the Video Card for this unit? Quite often when you get nothing on the monitor after you have been inside the case it is because the Video Card has been moved slightly this is much more common with AGP type Video but can also happen with PCI X Video Cards.

If none of that does any good reduce the computer tot he minimum parts required to allow it to work so Unplug the HDD's, Any Optical Drives, remove any add in cards except the Video Card if you do not have On Board Video and remove all but 1 Stick of RAM then try starting the unit again and see if it POSTs.

When you get it Posting add and connection at a time starting with the RAM and checking the BIOS first then saving the changes before proceeding to the next stage.
Also if you have a Speaker attached to the M'Board inside the Case does it make any noise? It should give 1 Beep when the Unit passes the POST.


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