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    Win XP complains of Insufficient disk space


    by angus10 ·


    I have an observation file trying to copy a 7GB file from external USB hard disk into the hard disk in my laptop.

    This hard disk is partitioned into 2 drives, C: 50GB and D: 50 GB.

    When I tried to copy the 7GB file from the external device into D:, Windows complains that I did not have sufficient hard disk space when I still have 44GB un-utilized in D: drive.

    Would anyone who has encountered similar situations advise the cause and resolution?

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      Block size / cluster size too small?

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Win XP complains of Insufficient disk space

      It is possible that you need to have more disk blocks per disk cluster in order to store large files. If possible, try reformatting the partition with more blocks / cluster and see if that fixes the file size limit problem.

      Hopefully you are using the NTFS format. It’s interesting that I have read Windows posts where one person says that they have a huge FAT32 partition and a respondent says that FAT32 partitions are limited to 32 GB. So one wonders how the original poster got the huge FAT32 partition in the first place. Anyway, whatever. Large files should be stored on NTFS partitions and you need to have large block/cluster allocations whether you use NTFS or FAT32.


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