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    Win XP desktop won’t open up


    by rodv ·

    I can log in with remote desktop connection but the boot process on the local machine won’t complete. Any suggestions?

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      Need more information

      by dinotech ·

      In reply to Win XP desktop won’t open up

      To get a response, most of the members here would require a detail problem description. What error messages on the local boot process are you getting. Is the video adapter set for remote display only – where the local screen is not receiving a video signal? you have 1930 characters to use, use them.

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      me too

      by tgvisionary ·

      In reply to Win XP desktop won’t open up

      One of my customers has 5 XP machines that I support. This week 4 of them started acting slow, couldn’t connect to the server, email was working intermittantly. MSblaster.exe DID NOT show up in the task list. I made sure the latest MS Update patches were installed yesterday.
      Now I am getting the same problem as you. When it boots, the task bar doesn’t come up. Outlook won’t run. The customer is ticked off.
      Possibly related: SP 1 for XP would not install on them. We bought the machines from a local vendor who put an OEM version of XP on them. I don’t think they would have put pirated junk on them.
      Has anyone else had problems with SP1 and now their machines are acting freaky after the latest hotfix for XP?

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