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win xp doesn't recognizes slave HD

By Ed79 ·
From: "Eduardo" <> Sent: 3/6/2003 9:49:06 AM

The problem i have is the following, My computer has 2 HD,
1 of them is 40GB and has all the System informarion, the
other one is 120GB and has all my files,both disk have
NTFS format.

The problem is that my 40GB disk broke down, so i needed
to buy a new hd, and I did. then installed Win XP again on
the new HD, and then I added the slave HD (120Gb) but it
doesn't recognize it ans it is asking me to format the
Drive. as you can see this drive has over 80Gb of files,
and pure files only.

So i don't know what to do in order to retrieve my files.

Any Ideas???

I appreciate any help given in this problem!!!

-Eduardo Rodriguez

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win xp doesn't recognizes slave HD

by TheChas In reply to win xp doesn't recognizes ...

Is the drive properly recognized by the BIOS?

Are the jumpers set correctly?

Make sure that the C: drive is set correctly for Master with slave present.

Is the IDE cable properly seated?

Are the drive different makes?

While not as common as it used to be, some drives will not function properly as slaves when the master is a different brand drive.
To check this, install the slave drive on your secondary IDE channel.

Was the drive on an older PC that would not recognize the full capacity of the drive?

If so, the drive may have drive overlay software installed.
When you replaced the C: (boot) drive, you lost the software.
You either need to install the drive overlay software again, or try a partition manager to recover the partition.
CAUTION: there is a risk of losing the data when using a partition manager, so proceed with caution.


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