Win XP Installation error

By thedevious27 ·
Hi Guys
I have a problem, and I'm about to pull my hair out as its not going away !!!!!!!!!!

Basically trying to format the PC and put winxp pro on it.

I format the hard drive using the installation CD, it copies the files over on the HDD, then after it reboots to go on the next stage for the installation, this error comes up:

NTLDR: Couldn't open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)

Ok this is wot Ive tried:
1) replaced HDD
2) replaced RAM
3) tried diff CD's
4) formatted HDD over and over
5) changed the CMOS battery
6) cheked the BIOS settigns, its on factory default and seems fine

Also, its an old PC, but it was running XP fine on it before.



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Re: Error

by toughguy000 In reply to Win XP Installation error

I would suggest taking out the cmos battery again. make sure that the power cord is also unplugged leave it for a good 20min. Then replace it. (Some computer memory capacitors can last 15+ min even when unplugged)

Also, what is your system setup?
- How many IDE controllers in your PC
- How many IDE HDs in your PC
- What controller the IDE HDs connect to
- How many SCSI controllers in your PC
- How many SCSI HDs in your PC
- What controller the SCSI HDs connect to
- What HD the OS resides

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RE: Error

by thedevious27 In reply to Re: Error

well i tried the CMOS battery, still didnt make any diff

It has two IDE devices that are connected via the same cable one is primary (HDD) the other one (CD-ROM) is secondary they are running off IDE0

Not sure of the SCSI controlles.

It just has the one XP OS on the seagate Hard drive

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Bad XP Disk?

by the_webninja In reply to Win XP Installation error

I have built a number of XP Machines, and one time I ordered a Brand New Copy of Xp from my Supplier. When I tried to install it, it kept giving me Errors, and would not complete the Install.

I have about Three different licensed XP Machines in my place, so I used a Different XP Disk. Make sure you are using a Hologram XP Disk and not a Copy. Because it Does make a Difference.
But When I used a Different Hologram XP Disk it installed fine.
So I double checked the Brand New XP Disk I had Bought and sure enough it turned up errors on the Disk.

It only happened once out of all the Xp Machines I have built, but that one time drove me a little nuts too.

So the Next thing you might Try is Borrowing Some other Hologram XP Disk. Remember to use the Number on YOUR XP Certificate though.

I hope this Helps,

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by toughguy000 In reply to Bad XP Disk?

You could just download an ISO off someone and burn that to a disk.. Holographic images on-top of your disk in no way means that it can't be used... It just means that it is not from a retail source...

Personal use of a downloaded ISO is fine IMHO if you have the software in your hand and it's not working, as Microsoft can take 2-5 weeks to return a working copy to you via shipping.

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re: Win XP Installation error

by theoutlawtorn70 In reply to Win XP Installation error

It seems like you're copying setup files on another partition, or the partition is not recognized as bootable.
I think it's not a hardware problem because I've personnally installed and run Xp pro on PII 400 machines, and worked fine with at least 512 ram.
Anyway, I suggest you to use other tools to create and format your hdd, stuff like Hirens Boot Cd, it's a bootable compil cd with lot of stuff on it. Don't forget also to activate a partition after creating and formatting it otherwise it would not be bootable.

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