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win xp logon

By sweetfukn69 ·
wun xp assigned an administrator passowrd that i dont know. my user acct is limited so i have no access. how can i recover or get rid of the admin. password?

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by willcomp In reply to win xp logon

This sounds suspiciously like someone assigned user privileges trying to circumvent the system.

Yes, I know how to do it, but will only describe process if someone will make their case in a private message. In other words, you must have a "need to know."


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by wlbowers In reply to win xp logon

If windows is asking for an administrator password, some one had to assign one, windows doesn't just make them up.

You cannot recover one!

There is software that is able to change a password but not without risk and results that will be obvious to a system administrator.

Software that is Microsoft certified is called winternals. But it is expensive.

Good Luck


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by In reply to win xp logon

There are programs out there that clean the admin password from your system... it's all a matter of looking.

Have you tried starting your PC in safe mode and entering your admin account from there? usually, on store-bought PC like that one, some manufacturers assign the password "admin" or "administrator"... but try first to click on the admin account and NOT entering any information... do this from the safe mode.

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by nGAGE-Online In reply to win xp logon

this more sounds like Windows XP Home to me... and if you've bought the system from a retailer with preinstalled Windows, it actually does happen that adminaccounts are not accasseble.
What I know happens a lot, is that users play around with their useraccount settings, and remove Adminrights while still having the rights. On next system boot you nolonger have those rights.
In order to restore those rights, you'ld have to log on as administrator. That's not really an option if you're having WinXP Home.
In that case, use your retailers recovery cd-rom.

Ps: I'm not sure if any of this was relative to your case, but thought it might help others with simular problems that don't know what has happened.

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by Benjamin.Arnold In reply to win xp logon

There is a program out there called ERD Commander that creates a bootable CD-ROM. It's part of the Winternals pack I think. This CD boots up DOS with a few other programs that allow you to access the registry and change the admin password. I origanlly got it for NT but it's worked on 2K and XP for me. It also can make ERD's and FTP files after a OS crash. It's a great tool to have. It is really expensive though. So if your a user trying to break into an admins PC... your going to have to pony up about $300.00!

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