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    Win XP pagefile error


    by jmartin_13 ·

    I have a xp pro pc that gets a pagefile error everytime it boots. It doesn’t affect the functionality of the pc, but has become a nuisance to the user. The error says that the pagefile couldn’t not be located or something to that effect and that atemporary file has been created. I had this problem with a 2000 pro machine and was able to correct it by setting the pagefile size to 0, rebooting and then setting it to be managed by the system. I tried this and it didn’t work. Anyone have any ideas how to correct this problem?

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      Same problem as above

      by fwajda ·

      In reply to Win XP pagefile error

      I am also having the same problem after I upgradded from XP Home to XP Pro. Except that it has harmed the performance. I get a page file error after running aps for a good part of the day and I have to shut down and restart to finish what I was doing. Any help would be great.

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