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Win XP printer for ALL users

By Ron@D.O. ·
How do I set up a printer in Win XP under my admin login for all users? I'm in a high school setting and have 10 to 12 different users per computer a day. I have 30 computers in 4 different labs that each have their own printer. Roaming profiles won't work because of the different printer locations.

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by shalfman In reply to Win XP printer for ALL us ...

We created a profile (security group) called xp users and then go to each printer installed and give that group full rights to each printer installe. this eliminates any issues with the printers and still keeps the system secure from any user mistakes. We do the same thing with the program folder and the desktop. Which assists with any program installed or shortcuts created.

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by D_V Ant In reply to Win XP printer for ALL us ...

What you need is to add a machine printer connection that is available to all users. It can be done using the following command:

RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /ga /c\\machine /n\\server\printer /j"LanMan Print Services"

The quotes are required. Replace "machine" with the computer you want the printer added to. Replace "server\printer" with the server name and share name of the printer. This can be done remotely as long as you use an account that has administrative privileges on the machine you are adding it to.

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by Ron@D.O. In reply to Win XP printer for ALL us ...

Thanks for the info. As I needed to set the default printer for all users on about 130 computer I need a quick fix. Your answers all worked, but this link at MS was the quickest.;en-us;319974

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by mhuffmaster In reply to Win XP printer for ALL us ...

I read the Microsoft support article and noticed this quote at the end:

"Windows XP will now assign the custom default user profile to any new user who logs on to the computer."

What does it mean by "new user?" Does that mean only users who have never logged into the machine before? Or will this custom profile also propagate to existing accounts on that machine?

Also, my users log into a domain, not just the local machine. Will it affect them the way I want?

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by Ron@D.O. In reply to


I to am in a domain environment. The way I solved my problem was to create a domain user name called Student01. Then I assigned admin rights on the local computer to that user. I then logged on as Student01 loaded all necessary software and printers. Then restart the computer, log on as Administrator, copy the contents of the Student01 folder in Doc's & Settings and pasted them into the Default User folder. No the profile will not propagate to existing user folders.

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