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By bob ·
I have 2 pc's. 1 running xp pro and the other 2k pro. They are both connected to a d link g604t router. I have created the same workgroup on both machines but i'm unable to get them to talk. So far the xp can ping the 2k but not the otherway round....i can see the xp machine through the 2k's My Network Places/Entire network but cannot access it. when i go to view work group computers on the Xp machine it come back with the message "dcp is not accesible you might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. the list of servers for this work group is not currently available" if i try on the 2K box it returns with message "desktop2 is unavailable the network path was not found....any ideas FULLY appreciated!

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Try configuring router or hosts/lmhosts file

Windows needs a way to resolve IP addresses to NetBIOS names. On a corporate network this is done with a Windows 2000 WINS and DNS server. You might first want to check to see if your router is assigning IP addresses using DHCP. If so, your router may be able to resolve NetBIOS names by configuring it as a WINS server.
You can also try creating files called "hosts" and "lmhosts" that map IP addresses to computer names.
In your %SystemRoot%\drivers\etc folder there are two example files hosts.sam and lmhosts.sam that you can use as a template to create your own files. Simply put them in that directory.

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WinXP Service Pack 2 Firewall

by caromerofwd In reply to WIN XP PRO and WIN 2K PRO ...

I'm guessing you've got SP2 on the WinXP machine. The WinXP firewall is almost certainly blocking inbound traffic to your XP machine. This would allow you to see the machine in the network places window (because the machine announces itself) but not connect to it...

I forget how you disable the XP firewall or configure it to allow traffic from machines in a certain IP address range, but if you're already behind the DLink router it's probably okay to live without it. So just turn it off, as long as you know you're always behind the router.

(I had a similar problem with ZoneAlarm for a while-- took me forever to realize what was happening.)

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by bob In reply to WinXP Service Pack 2 Fire ...

Thank you sooo much. This drove me completely mad last week. I had turned off the win xp fire wall before in the hopes that it would sort it out but for some reason it seemed to always remain on! Turns out that it was the norton software running on it that was causing the problem. On your advice and looking at it again it is now up and running. Seriously,... thank you for taking the time to write. Many thanks.

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i need help

by adesloop In reply to WIN XP PRO and WIN 2K PRO ...

my system does not find HKEY_................. and the rest to enable task manager
the ctrl + alt + del
has been disable my one administration and i am now inchaerge and i need to enable it back becaus ethe system get fross every time
pls help me tell me the way out

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