WIN XP PRO - auto partition 128gb ?

By tonilini2 ·
Hi guys, wanted to ask if anyone knows how to get data back sort of, i am using WIN XP PRO on my main pc, i reinstalled it totally from scratch yesterday and i tried to do it on 400GB seagate IDE drive first (drive had 150 GB of family photos and other work materials which are very important) so i hooked up only this drive and inserted CD to DVD-rom.
It loaded screen and said that my drive volume 0 is only 128GB long...i was like nah that aint true, pressed F3 2x times so to quit from install...after that i hooked up the old 80GB seagate to install win xp pro there, went just fine, applied 76 patches + SP1, when i turned my pc off and added 2 more drives, they were just perfect all data 100% there like it should. But when i turned pc off again to add this 400GB drive, its now on 2 partitions like 128GB + 256 or something (i can get exact amount of needed), so my question is that is there anyway that i could get my big 370gb drive back on just 1 big drive "HUGE" like it was earlier, or is this type of thing irreversible ?

If anyone would have any solution to this, it would be much appriciated

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for the record...

by tonilini2 In reply to WIN XP PRO - auto partiti ...

Yes for the record, i NEVER sanctioned any partitions to be made whatsoever

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Drive Limitations

by TheChas In reply to WIN XP PRO - auto partiti ...

From the body of your question, I surmise that you were installing the original release of XP.

For support of large hard drives, you need SP2.

To install your copy of XP onto a large hard drive, you would need a "slip-stream" copy with SP2 added.

As to your 400GB drive, there are 2 ways to take it back to a single large partition.

1. Use Disk Manager in XP to remove both partitions and partition the drive again as a single large partition.
NOTE: ALL DATA on the drive WILL BE LOST if you do this.

2. Buy partition management software such as Partition Magic.
NOTE: It is still a good idea to back up any critical data files.


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gonna test it

by tonilini2 In reply to Drive Limitations

Gonna test with partition magic, hopefully it will fix this solution, really wouldnt want to lose any data if its there still in some form

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It's not a question of if the Data is still there

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to gonna test it

But how much you are prepared to pay to recover it.

This stuff should have been backed up a long time ago and done several times since on a regular basis.

Now as the Windows Installer has corrupted the drive no matter what you told it to do you have an expensive problem on your hands.

First thing to do is Don't Panic and don't do anything that might make things worse. So I would say don't touch the 400 GIG Drive until you know exactly what you are going to try to achieve with it. As different Data Recovery Tools require deferent methods of doing things. The best one available is On Tracks Data Recovery available here


But this is the most expensive option available in terms of a software approach but it's fast reliable and easy to use. You then have the following available


If you know Hex inside out Win Hex is an excellent tool but it's also very dangerous in the wrong hands so unless you know HEX very well leave it alone and go with Davory which is a much simpler tool to use though it's also much slower and only recovers files by type not by name.

Then there are these options available






With most of these you should follow their directions and save what you recover to another HDD or Partition to prevent overwriting of your data. I haven't used all or many of these tools but I've been told good things about the Stella Product and the Get My Data Back is supposed to be good as well though I've never used either of these products.

Then you have the ability to send the HDD away to a Data Recovery House in your area to recover and undo the damage that has been done. If the drive is still working it's much cheaper but still costly to have the work performed depending on what's involved the work can start at about $900.00 for a quote and work up from there, however if you overwrite your data and you simply must recover it it's more expensive as any form of Data Recovery on Over written files is far more time consuming and therefore expensive. That's why I say don't do anything till you decide what you want to attempt to do as once you make a change it can be very expensive to undo the damage.

Besides the normal Data Recovery Houses Seagate the HDD Makers have just setup their own Data Recovery Service I don't know who good it is or how expensive because it's so new but they may be worth a look as well as any in your local area. I've always used On Track previously and have a deal with them and I've found them to be excellent but there could be other Data Recovery Houses in your area that may suit you better. But if you're interested Seagate Data Recovery Service is listed here



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